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  • What is Voice in English Grammar?

    Voice is a special grammatical category that tells us whether the focus of a sentence is upon an agent (a doer of an action) or the patient (recipient of the action). Let’s understand through an example. Take this sentence:   Albert wrote an essay. The sentence follows the basic pattern of a subject (Albert), verb (wrote),…

This is how it all started….

You are here, either by plan or by chance. Regardless, of the nature of the coincidence I know that you think about English a lot. You could be a teacher of English who has undertaken an act of grace to empower learners by giving them the gift of the world’s lingua franca, or you could be that learner who knows you need English to expand your horizon. I might not know your whole story, but I know this tiny bit: you struggle. You struggle either thinking about ways to help others master the language or ways to find the magic potion that can make your language woes go away. I know this because I have struggled in both ways. 

Learning English as a foreign language for the first two decades of my life left me obsessed with the language, enough to pursue my master’s in English literature. After my MA, I spent three years teaching fiction and Business English to university students in Nepal. It was then that I could sense the shared anxiety among my students and other professionals regarding using English. I realized that despite years of English education, an overwhelming number of people found themselves alienated from the world where English has supremacy over other languages. Moreover, I witnessed my students pay the price for not having desired English proficiency with low academic scores and several job rejections. In those students, I could see my younger self who wished to speak and write better English. While I was lucky to have an environment that helped me improve my language skill, not everyone had similar opportunities. This motivated me to become a language teacher.

I am now based in Australia where I am training in English language teaching and curriculum development. I am also providing private English lessons to several students. I believe in delivering lessons that are tailored to my student’s learning needs and methods. I developed this site to archive my lessons, learnings, and opinions. I hope this could provide value to fellow ESL teachers and language learners. Since it is still in its infancy, there aren’t many resources. But trust me, it’ll grow and so will you and I.