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About Eva

Hi, my name’s Eva. I am a seasoned writer of children’s books and here’s my story.

I grew up in a small coastal town called Exmouth located in the countryside of Western Australia and spent my childhood in a close-knit fishing community where people always had one or other fascinating stories to share. Growing up I used to listen to my dad narrate his little adventures out in the sea while he went after his catches. He was a natural storyteller and had a wonderful way with words. His stories would fuel my imagination, so much so that I started thinking of the ocean as an alternate universe. I would assign human characteristics and emotions to fish and other sea creatures and spend hours imagining what their world would be like.

My early life certainly played a big part in shaping my professional life. I don’t think I would have been a children’s writer had I grown up in a different environment. Take my first book for example. It’s the story of a shark family. When I think about my first book, I vividly remember that imaginative and curious little girl who would spend her day wondering about the sea while waiting for her dad to come home and tell her another story of his day out there. Without that childhood, I would not have been able to present a top-tier predator species like sharks as characters with human concerns and emotions.